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<3Don't Feed Me Lines About Some Idealistic Future</3

...Crack My Ribs To Repair This Broken Heart </3

18 March
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†.Sold to the vampire and his lovley establishment, if integrity were a wooden spike we'd all be fucked.†

†.R.I.P Jimmy.† Your not forgotten..

Fight Club=♥
Philosofical Debates=♥

[x] I was in love.
[x] I've had my heart shoved down my throat.
[x] Emo boys turn me on.
[x] I want to model.
[x] I like deep thoughts and conversations.
[x] I've always wanted to cheerlead, but never did.
[x] I'd love to just take pictures for the rest of my life.
[x] I'm known for a very short temper.
[x] My Dads known for an even shorter temper. He makes people run.
[x] I have an obsession with recycling paper.
[x] Nothing beats black eyeliner.
[x] I love being drunk.
[x] Adam Brody is hot as hell.
[x] Italian, mexican, and chinese are my choice dinners.
[x] If you say "That don't matter" or anything else that illterate, just stop.
[x] You can find me online 5 days out of the week.
[x] I love writting.
[x] When I'm at a concert, I'm at home.
[x] I'm that girl in class that won't shut the hell up.
[x] I say I have a problem w/ trusting people when I trust people to easily.
[x] I despise being wrong.
[x] Music is life.
[x] I need affection, and a guy I can depend on.
[x] I love being in love.
[x] I think I'll have road rage.
[x] I live for praise and making people proud.
[x] I rarley do get praise or make people proud.
[x] I'm a pro at fucking things up for myself.
[x] I'm very unresponsible.
[x] I'm even more stubborn.
[x] I'm trying to quit drinking and smoking.
[x] I would absolutley love to go help children in a 3rd world country.
[x] Cigarettes are disgusting.
[x] I use profanity probably more then you'd like.
[x] I sometimes wonder if I'm crazy.
[x] I'm good at arguing.
[x] Quantum physics is very intresting.
[x] I will never get over the deaths of my loved ones.
[x] I've made many mistakes.
[x] The Perks of Being A Wallflower is my favorite book.
[x] Weed is good for the soul.
[x] I tend to sit up until 3 in the morning when I have school the next day.
[x] I have troubles changing my bad habits.
[x] I have family issues.
[x] I party..a lot.
[x] I'm really poor.
[x] I'm an only child.
[x] I'm me, and thats all I'll ever be.

Yep. That about sums me up.