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You Can't Keep A Secret If It Never Was A Secret To Start...

this girl is lazy.. but she's fuckin crazy.. she be drinkin hott damn.. you can tell she's a fan.. this bitch rides shot gun, we're out on the run.. hangin out the window goin 50 actin like all this shit's nifty.. don't cry cops or this bitch is OUT faster than a fat chick can do belly drops.. watch 'er with that half gallon cuz she'd be chuggin it like a fellon.. faster than you can say weed.. it's like this girls lifes on speed.. kicked outta school cuz shes cool or does she drool? moms a creep who reminds me of a drunk sheep.. get this girl baked you'll get a cake.. related to busch beer but she rather drink la-queer.. look at 'er go no chaser no fear

Becky's rap about me :) hahah

Ok so about Kevin.. I like him and he's a complete sweetheart to me..but Mandy called me up the other day and said that Shawn and Nate and all of them said that Mark was being so bitchy b/c he was pissed that we broke up.. so naturally I got way to carried away in hoping we'd get back together... idk.. I called him today and left a message.. about the dumbest thing I could've done. 

  1.  what if his Dad gets it? He won't tell Mark I called then I'll be left wondering weather or not Marks just ignoring me or if he just didn't get the message..
  2. If Mark does get it and doesn't call me back I won't know that either so if I call again I'll seem desprete.. ew.

wtf.. idk what to do.. Amber said she was talking to Cody and Cody said that he thinks that if me and Mark get back together it won't be 'till like senior year.. but I'm not going to take that to seroiusly cuz thats Cody saying that not Mark.. but if that is true I'd seriously be willing to wait for Mark for that long, to me it'd be worth it. I'm seriously just as in love with him as ever... it's not even sweet...

</3 fuckkkkkk this.

xSincerlyxYours: haha oh creepy creepy lauren, how I do treasure xSincerlyxYours: you xSincerlyxYours: haha xSincerlyxYours: see I can be equally as creepy Brand new 564: LOL that was REALLY creepy Brand new 564: *smiley with foot in mouth* Brand new 564: i topped u off xSincerlyxYours: hahahah I got it off a TV show Brand new 564: with that creepy smily xSincerlyxYours: oh DAMN xSincerlyxYours: haha Brand new 564: whats it DOING? Brand new 564: i still have not figured that out Brand new 564: hahaha xSincerlyxYours: hahhahahah xSincerlyxYours: its got a foot in its mouth Brand new 564: LOL Brand new 564: why? Brand new 564: nutrional value? Brand new 564: nutriental* Brand new 564: or however u spell that hahah
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