xSincerlyxYours (kissofbliss101) wrote,

kurts rap

here comes becky ..right out the fucking window, it was as crazy as a painting from vinsin van gogh..once i relize it was no van gogh..i was way to late.. her ass was already in the snow..u say she is crazy.. and i can say this is true..she hit me with a left hook..cocked it back for all to view..i swear i was seeing stars..or maby blues clues..but i could of sworn i was that drummer from blink 182..i figured with all my bullshit.. my time was pretty much due..fuck that shit..ill dig a hole and fucking burry U..when i end up in D block ..just a thought.. u know..out of the blue..ill write a book or even a review..they'll ask where i burried her and what did i do..fuck all u bitches thats something im not interested in telling to u....Alright ill tell what to do..i think i burried her by some bamboo..maybe even next to a nicky bush kangaroo..they said fuck u kurt..is that the best u can do..try sitting in court in the captial of peru..after that ur ass is going to timbucktoo.. for your motherfucking judicial review..i said fine mother fuckers take me away..i will rise once again but please give me some parrot bay..never mind that shit.is what ill say... i want that shit that i had on new years day..i think his name was Morgan.. or maybe even captain ...all i know is i went sailing and he made it happin.
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