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Unknown Orgin, is this the comfort of being afraid?

Wow. Last night was certainly quite fuck up as fuck. Becky came and picked me up later that night..we drove to Meijers and met up with Jake (who I haven't seen in like 3 years?) and drove out to this party on 36th street somewhere? There were SO many people there! Like sooooooo many! It was sweet as fuck. This one really drunk kid kept hitting on me and he would NOT stop. I was gettin pissed.. me,Becky, and Kurt went into the bathroom and chugged some Tatoo!! Oh yeah, Captain does it every time baby!! I was FUCKED up.. it was beautiful. I ended up leavin w/ Zilla and Becky.. Zilla was trying to hold my hand and shit on the way to Kirby's so that was pretty much not sweet. When we got to Kirby's the power was out but we just played pool and me Jake Becky and Kirby sat in Kirby's bed.. I made out with him... I kind of love that kid though. Me Becky Kirby and Jake left and went to Becky's house (picked up Justin Hewitt on the way).. when we got there nate gadge, eric masters, and some of his friends were there. Hung out there for like two minutes when Kirby's mom showed up in her driveway screaming and shit. So Kirby pretty much left and then Becky's Dad kicked everyone out so me and Becky "gave Justin a ride home" but just went to Erics with everyone else and got even more trashed. Nate and Justin were boxing (nate was kicking the shit out of him) and then nate and eric started boxing and idk.. I had a bunch of Peach Shnopps.. yumm. I remember watching Nate Gadge play acoustic for like 20 mins haha I thought it was hot as fuck and that combined with how good he was at boxing resulted in my newfound desire for him. haha We went to the Bailey house, I rode with Eric and Nate.. and we waited for Becky and all of them to get there and then when they finally did they ran across to Jake's house and tomatoed his car so we all had to leave right away and didn't go in. Went back to Erics house and I don't really remember all of what happened but I know that Eric threw me in the snow b/c I tried to box him and then started calling him a bitch and then I started crying? Yeah I don't know.. but me and Becky left, went back to her house ate some beef bean burritoes and passed the FUCK out. Woke up in the morning to hear that my parents were coming to get me at like 11.. I was like ohhh shit.. cuz I just kind of took off the night before and didn't say if I was coming back or not or where I might stay haha but my parents didn't really give a shit. We drove to Meijers and I waited in the car while they went in (I was wearing my new sweatpants that Becky gave me and didn't want to be seen haha) So I just listened to music for like 30 mins. then we went home and I ate a LOT of food. Watched TV, sat around, and slept all day and idk what I'm doing tonight.. if anything. Dirty's having a huge party I guess and Becky's gettin trashed at Justins house so idk.. I think I might just sit at home. My parents went to a X-Mas party so I'm stuck home alone and I'm kind of really lonley :( Idk.. I'll probably just call someone or something. Who knows.
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