January 18th, 2006

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my rap for kurt:

Tatoo on his left.. a joint on his right.. Kurts the one to pull it all night.. he's not gonna bitch out.. this kids got the mouth.. to spit the illest rhymes.. of these high motherfuckin times.. when it come to adderal.. hes the one that knows it all.. he thinks its really fun... to take out his phone and make nikky run.. cuz when she hears the siren... she thinks she gonna be dyin.. so shes pullin on the door.. which is only makin kurt laugh more.. and then shit calms down.. when they pack a bowl for another round

my rap for becky:
half galleon by her side.. the neon is her ride.. she's flyin down the road.. goin 80 in the snow.. this girl is outta control n' crazy!!.. this is why I love her, u kno g?.. her freddy frog is gettin big.. fuck hes the size of that fat fuckin pig!.. look at this bitch go... whats she doin? even she dont know.. becky is one of my best friends.. and ill go down with her ass till the end.. we get fucked up about every weekend... fuck u should see the money we spend.. its crazy shit, she knows her bit.. pass that joint, give her a hit!!.. we pimp the neon out ghetto style.. boom box on top of a pile.. yeah we got tons a priceless times.. im tryin to put 'em into these rhymes.. fuck dude shes hard to explain.. this bitch is fuckin insane!!.. but so am i, it's why we're so tight.. don't get to close, she'll fuckin bite!.. she's sweet as fuck and keeps my ass in check.. don't fuck with her, or bitch u'll be next!

my rap for walsh:
He's a rapper like no otha.. he's kinda like my brotha.. his name is WALSH... yeah sean "money" walsh.. he's sweet as fuck.. he drives a car not a truck.. his name is WALSH.. yeah sean "money" walsh... you'll find him cruisin down the west.. in his bullet proof vest.. cuz he's sellin all the weed.. he's got kids he's gotta feed.. his name is WALSH.. yeah sean "money" walsh.. he a tank when it comes to drinkin.. not so much when it comes to thinkin..his name is WALSH yeahh sean "money" walsh

kurts rap for inman:
she thinks she can play ball..shes just that crazy..she always got the number 10 on the back of her jersey..cant pay her bills so we have to call her..she is a real pimp..and a mother fucking baller..she looks at all the fine girls and tells them to swing by..she also like the dick..holy shit i think shes Bi. hush hush now dont tell the mother..she cant no that she doenst liek the dick..but that she likes the other..she likes that rap..her man is luda..we listen to him all day while we smoke the cronic buda..

kurts rap for walsh:
either way..daddy walsh or big walsh daddy..all the girls love him and call him his suga daddy.that cant get enough of his ghetto gangster ways..he rolls all around and trys to fuckin blaze.. he tells all the cops..fuck you pigs, its just one of those days..buys a big bag..from this kid named dibble...i pick out all the stems and give daddy a little nibble
chalk heart

kurts rap

here comes becky ..right out the fucking window, it was as crazy as a painting from vinsin van gogh..once i relize it was no van gogh..i was way to late.. her ass was already in the snow..u say she is crazy.. and i can say this is true..she hit me with a left hook..cocked it back for all to view..i swear i was seeing stars..or maby blues clues..but i could of sworn i was that drummer from blink 182..i figured with all my bullshit.. my time was pretty much due..fuck that shit..ill dig a hole and fucking burry U..when i end up in D block ..just a thought.. u know..out of the blue..ill write a book or even a review..they'll ask where i burried her and what did i do..fuck all u bitches thats something im not interested in telling to u....Alright ill tell what to do..i think i burried her by some bamboo..maybe even next to a nicky bush kangaroo..they said fuck u kurt..is that the best u can do..try sitting in court in the captial of peru..after that ur ass is going to timbucktoo.. for your motherfucking judicial review..i said fine mother fuckers take me away..i will rise once again but please give me some parrot bay..never mind that shit.is what ill say... i want that shit that i had on new years day..i think his name was Morgan.. or maybe even captain ...all i know is i went sailing and he made it happin.
chalk heart

You Can't Keep A Secret If It Never Was A Secret To Start...

this girl is lazy.. but she's fuckin crazy.. she be drinkin hott damn.. you can tell she's a fan.. this bitch rides shot gun, we're out on the run.. hangin out the window goin 50 actin like all this shit's nifty.. don't cry cops or this bitch is OUT faster than a fat chick can do belly drops.. watch 'er with that half gallon cuz she'd be chuggin it like a fellon.. faster than you can say weed.. it's like this girls lifes on speed.. kicked outta school cuz shes cool or does she drool? moms a creep who reminds me of a drunk sheep.. get this girl baked you'll get a cake.. related to busch beer but she rather drink la-queer.. look at 'er go no chaser no fear

Becky's rap about me :) hahah

Ok so about Kevin.. I like him and he's a complete sweetheart to me..but Mandy called me up the other day and said that Shawn and Nate and all of them said that Mark was being so bitchy b/c he was pissed that we broke up.. so naturally I got way to carried away in hoping we'd get back together... idk.. I called him today and left a message.. about the dumbest thing I could've done. 

  1.  what if his Dad gets it? He won't tell Mark I called then I'll be left wondering weather or not Marks just ignoring me or if he just didn't get the message..
  2. If Mark does get it and doesn't call me back I won't know that either so if I call again I'll seem desprete.. ew.

wtf.. idk what to do.. Amber said she was talking to Cody and Cody said that he thinks that if me and Mark get back together it won't be 'till like senior year.. but I'm not going to take that to seroiusly cuz thats Cody saying that not Mark.. but if that is true I'd seriously be willing to wait for Mark for that long, to me it'd be worth it. I'm seriously just as in love with him as ever... it's not even sweet...

</3 fuckkkkkk this.

xSincerlyxYours: haha oh creepy creepy lauren, how I do treasure xSincerlyxYours: you xSincerlyxYours: haha xSincerlyxYours: see I can be equally as creepy Brand new 564: LOL that was REALLY creepy Brand new 564: *smiley with foot in mouth* Brand new 564: i topped u off xSincerlyxYours: hahahah I got it off a TV show Brand new 564: with that creepy smily xSincerlyxYours: oh DAMN xSincerlyxYours: haha Brand new 564: whats it DOING? Brand new 564: i still have not figured that out Brand new 564: hahaha xSincerlyxYours: hahhahahah xSincerlyxYours: its got a foot in its mouth Brand new 564: LOL Brand new 564: why? Brand new 564: nutrional value? Brand new 564: nutriental* Brand new 564: or however u spell that hahah
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